Access Control-Keyless Entry

Access Control Systems provide customers with remote monitoring of their property, keyless entry solutions that track and secure your entry and exit locations, and a way to stay connected to the people and places you want to protect.

 Our systems use: Access Control, Keys, Keyless, Keypad, Key Card, Key Fob, Voice Recognition, Retinal Recognition, Biometrics, Biometric Readers, Exit, Entry, Muster Reports, Lockdown, Lockout, Monitoring.

 Keyless entry solutions that track and secure entrances and exits.  Never lose your keys again – we have systems for every business to eliminate the need for keys and codes. 

Faster more secure access and reports!!

Stay connected to the people and places you want to keep safe.

Remote monitoring of doors and employees on your property

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Control and monitor all points of  access with one signal.

We provide a full spectrum of facility lockdown options. 

We specialize in School lockdown systems and active shooter situations

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Modern Technology

Personal Service

Protecting Connecticut for over 40 years

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