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Intrusion - Burglar Alarms

  Security Systems  

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Don’t wait until you have an issue to protect your home and business. We can monitor almost any device in the house.  From Doors and Windows to Smoke and Fire, Hi/Lo Temperature warnings, Water, Gas, Smoke, and Heat detectors, and Personal Emergency Alarms.

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The American Insurance Association reports that approximately 23 percent of home insurance claims are for water damage.   The average amount needed to repair water leaks can be over $20,000.  This same report states that 93% of the damage caused by leaks could be prevented with a monitored water detection system.  Let us protect your home and business from water damage with our “Water Bug” protection.  We can detect leaks before they become more costly repairs. 

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Protect your loved ones with our state of the art systems.  Your family, employees and property are safe under our watch.  Our Intrusion systems alert you to perimeter breaches, interior movement and property theft.

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